St. John’s Wort Calming Cream

St. John’s Wort Calming Cream
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St. John’s Wort Calming Cream




This Cream is designed to calm and revitalize sensitive, fragile skin which gets easily irritated letting appear diffused redness which is accompanied by a sensation of tautness and irritation. At this stage, skin requires to get the full support of corrective ingredients for reacting normally to external adverse factors. Cream selected ingredients work together to give a new life to skin. First decongesting Hirudine, desensitizing St John’s wort and soothing Fenugrek reduce redness while Elder, Hamamelis and Lime soothe and calm the skin’s surface. Nourished then by Wheatgerm, Corn and Helianthus oils, moisturized by glycerin, stimulated and toned by essential oils, the skin rediscovers the memory of its natural defenses to reestablish its balance.




                                                Glycerin 2.5% (Moisturizing, protective)

                                                Hirudine Extract 2% (Decongesting)

                                                Helianthus Oil 2% (Regenerating)

                                                Hamamelis Extract 1.6% (Soothing, hydrating)

                                                Elder Extract 1.6% (Soothing, Hydrating)

                                                Lime Extract 1.6% (Calming)

                                                St John’s Wort Oil 1.5% (Desensitizing)

                                                Fenugrek Oil 3% (Soothing, regulating)

                                                Hamamelis Extract 1% (Soothing)

                                                Lavender Oil 0.5% (Soothing)

                                                Wheatgerm Oil 0.2% (Nourishing, hydrating)

                                                Natural Oils 0.2% (Stimulating, Toning)

                                                (Rosemary, Rosewood)




* Apply Cream twice daily on a thoroughly cleansed and toned skin so that it may get the needed rebalancing ingredients to be totally fit to fight off adverse environmental factors.


PRESENTATION:               Code: 05-1200 Jar 1.6Fl.oz - 50ml

                                                Code: 05-1201 Jar 8Fl.oz - 240ml

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