AYURVEDA Natural Plant Body Wrap

AYURVEDA Natural Plant  Body Wrap
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Model: AYURVEDA Natural Plant Body Wrap
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AYURVEDA Natural Plant  Body Wrap


  AYURVEDA means « Life » (AYUR) « Science » (VEDA). AYURVEDA, discovered by the RISHIS, is a holistic system of healing which evolved among the Birahmin sages of ancient India. It is an integrated approach to prevent and treat illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. AYURVEDA has influenced many doctors from Tibet, China and Egypt

  Nymphaea Alba: anti-free radical, moisturizing & restructuring action  Bambusa arundinacea: stimulates synthesis of collagen .Hibiscus sabdariffa: astringent action .Pogostemon cablin: stimulates of blood circulation

This rich and creamy wrap offers effective antioxidant action, improving skin tone for long-term results.






- Mix 300 g of Ayurvedic bodywrap with 200 g of warm


water to obtain a smooth and even paste.

- Clean the area to be treated & apply in thick layers

- Wrap the treated area with heating blankets or under an

infrared lamp for 20-minute

- Remove gently the bodywrap & let the person to have a hot shower  

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