Redensifying Mask Plants , Seaweeds & Essential oils

Redensifying  Mask Plants , Seaweeds & Essential oils
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Model: Redensifying Mask Plants , Seaweeds & Essential oils
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Redensifying   Mask

Plants , Seaweeds & Essential oils




Redensifying  Mask’s innovative texture restructures and protects the skin’s supportive fibers . The skin regains its youthfulness. Wrinkles are smoothed out and the shape of the face is re-modeled . Tone in mature skin while helping redensify, reshape facial contouring and smooth wrinkles and fine lines for a quick lifting. Alginate, extracted from brown seaweeds, is a phyco-colloid with refreshing and hydrating properties. White clay (Kaolin), fortifies. It is recommended for fragile and dry skin thanks to its high content of silica. It remineralises  and facilitates the elimination of toxins. Laracare®200 is a certified-organic galactoarabinan, , extracted from larch trees. This active demonstrated a strong effect against IWL (insensible water loss) as in the reduction of fine wrinkles

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