IONISABLE ELAFFINE AMPOULES-Specific Solute for body reshaping

IONISABLE ELAFFINE AMPOULES-Specific Solute for body reshaping
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Model: IONISABLE ELAFFINE AMPOULES-Specific Solute for body reshaping
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Specific Solute for body reshaping











1. Perform first a cleansing of the body skin to remove sebum secretions and impurities so that the skin is prepared for scrubbing.

2. Apply then Gentle Body Scrub to lift and remove dead cells and thin out rough surfaces for the skin to be able to freely breathe, get stimulated and stands ready to the application of further treatment products. Application of Body Scrub will be done every two treatments.

3. Apply into the body tissues the content of Elaffin Ampoule by iontophoresis. Leave in place for 20 minutes.

4. Apply then Activ-5 Modeling Slimming Cream to complete and reinforce the results, firm up the tissues and refine the skin’s surface to make it smooth or Phyto-Modeling Slimming Gel which has a faster penetration into skin.


Body Cleansing Lotion - Bottle 17.5Fl.oz                                        Code: 28-0300

Gentle Body Scrub Cream - Jar 8Fl.oz                                               Code: 28-0202

Elaffine Phyto-Modeling Ampoules - 10-Ampoules Box                  Code: 28-0010

Activ-5 Phyto-Modeling Slimming Cream - Jar 8Fl.oz                      Code: 28-0207

Phyto-Modeling Slimming Gel -                                                       Code: 28-0204

Application Frequency: 2 to 3 times weekly for 5 successive weeks






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