Peel-Off Body Marine Seaweed Slimming Mask

 Peel-Off Body Marine Seaweed Slimming Mask
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Model: Peel-Off Body Marine Seaweed Slimming Mask
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Peel-Off Marine Seaweed Slimming Mask



Seaweed Fluid With Vitamins







This treatment is made up with seaweed which possess the powers of the sea to record tangible and visible body slimming and firming results. The technology which has been developed for the performance of the treatment is such that the mask is peeled off from the body. This superlative advantage allows this technique to be implemented in any spa center without resorting to shower equipment.


1. Perform first a cleansing of the body skin with the Body Cleansing Lotion to remove sebum secretions and impurities so that the skin is prepared for scrubbing.

2. Apply then Gentle Body Scrub to lift and remove dead cells and thin out rough surfaces for the skin to freely breathe, get stimulated and stands ready to the application of further treatment products.

3. Apply Slimming Oil with Essential Oils on body areas amenable to treatment. This Oil is made up with highly concentrated plant extracts which are meant to favor the blood circulation, flush out the tissues choked up by fatty deposits, toxins and waste liquids while working on the unwanted fats to break them up.

4. Prepare a wrapping sheet.

5. Adhere to the following procedure for the preparation of a Peel-Off Mask:

*Pour between 300 ml of Algofine Slimming Mask in a bowl, adjusted to each individual’s profile.

* Pour slowly between 250 ml of Algofine Seaweed Fluid onto the powdered mask.

* Stir for homogenisation to get a paste applicable over the body with a spatula.

* Apply rapidly the blend with a spatula and insist on critical areas.

* Wrap up the entire body with the sheet to promote a gentle warmth for a steadily easier diffusion of the ingredients into the tissues.

* Leave over the body for 20 to 30 minutes.

* Remove Mask. The latter will have by then a rubber-like supple texture easily removable by peeling off. Once removed, rince the body and pat dry.

6. Apply then Activ-5 Modeling Slimming Cream to complete and reinforce the results achieved with Mask and firm up the tissues or Phyto-Modeling Slimming Gel which has a faster penetration into skin.


Body Cleansing Lotion - Bottle 17.5Fl.oz                                         Code: 28-0300

Gentle Body Scrub - Jar 8Fl.oz                                                          Code: 28-0202

Slimming Oil with Essential Oils - Bottle – 6.5Fl.oz              Code: 28-0305

Peel-Off Algofine Mask - Bucket – 2 Kgs                                         Code: 28-1112

Algofine Seaweed Fluid - Bottle – 5 Liters                                       Code: 28-2223

Activ-5 Phyto-Modeling Slimming Cream - Jar 8Fl.oz                      Code: 28-0207

Phyto-Modeling Slimming Gel - Jar 8Fl.oz                                        Code: 28-0204













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