The body machine : CBV3001-Cellular electro-aesthetics

The body machine : CBV3001-Cellular electro-aesthetics
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Model: CBV-3001
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Cellular electro-aesthetics


The body machine : CBV3001



The machine of CBV 3001’s generation is unique because it permits to the user to work on all the elements of the cellular jamming in relation with the cellulitic regions for an aesthetic remodelling of the silhouette.


Its action will create a natural process of decreasing and elimination of conges-tive excess weight, a vascular revival and an important firming of the skin.




The modelling head of the body machine has a central depression surrounded with a crown of 6 balls with

cellular electroaesthetics inside.

The cellular eletroaesthetic

Between each ball, polarized alternately, a cellular current is created and it creates electromagnetic waves and leads to a resonance phenomenon at the level of the tissues (same as the movement of a whip after its cracking). The electric currents, generating these waves, will permit an increase of the conductivity of sodium through membranes, and therefore the absorption of products.

The vacuum technique

The principle of « pump » vacuum and the principle of « out » generated by the balls of the modelling head will entail a disinfiltration of tissues and will have multiple actions :


Releasing of the vascularization of the tissues which permits a revival of the nutritional exchanges and  the elimination of wastes.


Decongestion of sub-cutaneous and cutaneous tissues, favouring the disorganization of the fatty

nodules, , without breaking the elastic fibres.


Tonification by stimulation of elastin fibres, the skin looks firmer and more tonic.


Anti-ageing effect thanks to specific tissue solicitations.

Physiological revival
which offers to the organism the possibility to take over its own functions on

targeted areas.

From first session, the client progressively reinstates in her corporal diagram those psychologically isolated zones. This effect will be an important help in the research of a durable result.


Nota : The technical parameters of the body machine are detailed in an annexed document.

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