Botox-like Peel Off Mask-Intensive Wrinkle Treatment

Botox-like Peel Off Mask-Intensive Wrinkle Treatment
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Botox-like Peel Off Mask-Intensive Wrinkle Treatment
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Botox-like Peel Off Mask


Intensive Wrinkle Treatment




The based Botox-like Peel Off Mask is a special formulation which has been developed in our Laboratories and has been designed to fit the exact shape of your face, thereby encouraging the action of its different components.. The specific benefits of this Thalassine® mask are derived from the combined action of its ingredients, for mature skins.



The Botox-like Peel Off mask is a marine complex based on alginates which are

extracted from Laminaria, which provide its natural plastic texture. Mix with water

and it quickly gels.



The Botox-like Peel Off Mask is used in Thalassotherapy and

Spas, as well as in Beauty Institutes take advantage of its

multiple natural properties.

.Mode of action

The light and soft texture of Botox-like Peel Off mask smoothes and relaxes your face. From marine origin, is extracted from green seaweed particularly rich in trace-elements (Magnesium and Potassium) and known for their soothing and moisturising properties. In particular,  will intrude into the releasing and the fixation of the cutaneous neuromediators which are : substance P, CGRP, Acetylcholine with, as result, a reduction of the contractions and a cellular relaxation. Moreover, it  will induce a replumping effect by a Collagen III stimulation and an in-depth moisturising effect by a GAG (Glycosaminoglycans ) and PG  (Proteoglycans ) increase. Its stimulating properties on the integrins, real cell–adhesion molecules, provide firmness to the skin.. Lastly, it goes to work as a real antioxidant and anti free-radical agent to slow down the natural ageing process and prevent moisture loss.


- For a face treatment, mix 30 grams of powder and 80ml of water at room temperature (20°C).

- Mix vigorously (+/- 1 minute) until you obtain a smooth

and even paste.

- Apply the treatment immediately in a semi-thick layer to

clean skin, taking care to avoid the eye contour.

- The mask will dry within 6 minutes.

- Leave ON for 10 minutes; the mask can then be

removed easily in one movement without leaving any trace.

Main ingredients

Evening Primrose 0.5% (Regenerating),Avocado Oil 1.5% (Moisturizing),Wild Yam Extract 3% (Natural Hormonal precursor ),Grape Seed Extract 0.2% (Anti-Aging)

Vegetal Peptides 3% (Revitalizing),Bee Wax  0.5% (Soothing),Botoxal 1% (Myorelaxing, stimulating, antioxidant ),Hyaluronic Acid 1% (Moisturising.)

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