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Whitening anti -spots


Melanin pigments are responsible for the coloration of the skin. As the melanin gives its natural color to skin it also provides protection from the ultraviolet sunbeams which are harmful to its surface. According to a complex mechanism, these melanin pigments spread evenly over the surface of the epidermal layer.

The natural light and more precisely the sunlight activates tyrosinase, an enzyme which is present in the melanocytes which lie in the basal layer of the epidermis and triggers the formation of melanin. The pigment is excreted in the form of granules called melanosomes which are distributed into keratinocytes. These granules are progressively disintegrated as the keratinocyte layers migrate upwards contributing to the coloring of the skin.



This professional skin care treatment has been perfected to give again in the lifeless skins introducing pigmentary imperfections their natural clarity and brightness. In effect, with the passage of time, the cycle of cell renewal tends to decelerate and the dead cells come to thicken the horny coat. This accumulation makes easier the dryness of the skin and favours the training of fine wrinkles and wrinkles. Furthermore with age or owing to hormonal modifications, or excess of sun, stains of hyper-pigmentation called also insightly brown stains appear on the face and the décolleté.

This care contains acids of fruits which are going to assure a peeling mild person of the redundant dead cells. Such a prepared skin, is going to accept a clarifying complex which is going to restrict the activity of the tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of mélanine. Because of this or that kératinocytes, deprived of mélanine, attains the stratum corneum then and give with the face a more clear complexion.




PAB whitening cosmetic products contain an innovative association of active principles which are designed to depigment the skin and give it, as a matter of course, a lightening effect.

First fruit acids ensure a gentle peeling of excess dead keratinocytes. As the skin gets rid of accumulated cells, it receives then a whitening complex, which is a well balanced phytocomplex aimed at lightening the skin while improving its overall condition. This complex binds to tyrosinase, preventing the pigment formation. As a result, the new keratinocytes deprived from melanin rise to the skin surface and give the face a lightening effect. To prevent the harmful side effects of ultraviolet radiation which might be induced by reduced melanin production, whitening products contain effective sun filters to safeguard the skin from the sun’s damaging rays.. Products are made up as well with ingredients to maintain the quality of the skin and set off radiance.

The inhibiting action of the whitening complex is reversible. In effect, as soon as the application is held up, the tyrosinase enzyme plays anew its role and ensures the melanin production necessary to give back the skin its natural coloration.






1. Cleanse and tone the skin of the face and the neck with with the Whitening. Cleansing Milk and the Tonic Lotion .

2. Accomplish a cleaning in depth of the skin with Rubbing-out Enzymatique Phyto-Peeling. This rubbing-out which rests on the joint action of grain and enzymes is used in association with the steam of water to trigger off an enzymatique reaction and to optimize the effectiveness of assets. Such an acquired emollient action causes the elimination of the dead cells and allows the absorption of the impurity which block the surface of the skin.

3. Make an ionization with Care Vitalliance in the Pure Vitamin C in positive pole. Shock treatment of the tired and lifeless skins, introducing pigmentary imperfections, Care Vitalliance in the pure Vitamin C is an active care which brings all energy of the Vitamin C: freshness, energy, brightness, linked to the nutritious and moisturizing elements of resolution.

4. Make a facial massage with Cream

** Another method is to place a small amount of whitening cream in the Palm of a hand and add a few drops of complex Naturalessence to the essential oils skins devitalized. Mix with the fingers of the other hand. Body heat will increase the temperature and the mixture will be perfectly suited for optimal results. Apply this mixture on the face and massage to ensure its complete penetration.

5. Apply a uniform layer of mask whitening Whitening avoiding the eye contour.   Another mask possible: apply mask anti-aging plasticizer Vitapro to the Pro-Retinol vitamin C with a few drops of care Vitalliance to the vitamin C Pure below.

6. Withdraw the Mask with humid sponges for the Clarifying Mask otherwise of the single room on the basis of the foundation of the neck towards the upper party of the face for the Coating with plastic Mask.

7. Apply then Cream Eclaircissante or rest of the bottle of Care Vitalliance in the Pure Vitamin C and make enter in circular rising movements.






Recommended frequency: once weekly

Maintenance: once every two weeks






Lait Démaquillant Eclaircissant                                              Code : 06-7051           Flacon 500ml

Lotion Tonique Eclaircissant                                                  Code : 06-7061           Flacon 500ml 

Soin Phyto-Peeling Enzymatique                                           Code : 08-3515           Boitede5 soins

Vitalliance Soin Vitamine C pure                                           Code : 05-3133           Boite de 4

Crème de Massage 37                                                             Code : 06-0813           Pot 240ml       

Complexe aux Huiles Essentielles Peaux Dévitalisées           Code : 29-1101           Flacon 30 ml


Masque Eclaircissant Whitening                                             Code : 06-7031           Pot 240 ml

Masque Anti-Age Plastifiant Vitapro                                     Code : 07-1010           Boitede5 soins

Crème Eclaicissante Whitening                                              Code : 06-7011           Pot 240 ml


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