Hot Infusion Facial Mask HIFM®

Hot Infusion Facial Mask HIFM®
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Model: Hot Infusion Facial Mask HIFM®
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Hot Infusion Facial Mask HIFM®





Thanks to recent cosmetic developments, Hot Infusion Facial masks HIFM® are useful and most effective by incorporating essential oils and pure organic plants and herbs into the mixtures.

Hot Infusion Facial mask HIFM® is a thermal deeply infusing mask. Under the influence of heat, pores become dilated, which allows for removal of skin blemishes and dead cuticle cells. Facilitates absorption of active substances into skin. As a result of the treatment, blood circulation accelerates, which leads to removal of toxin and skin is supplied with nourishing components. It can be used for infusing 100 % pure herbal ingredient and Essential oils up skin types . Thanks to the proprietary Lavas French (one-way absorption) solution, face skin becomes intensively oxidized and nourished and sebum secretion is controlled.

This treatment , exclusively reserved to professionals because it cannot be duplicated at home, is used for deep cleansing and Infusing , protecting and softening the skin. The heating effect encourages the active ingredients penetration. Its is recommended for all skin types especially tired lacking elasticity.



Each kit contain :


4 Hot Infusion Facial masks HIFM®,

 4 Peel off mask .

4 bags of organic  plants and herbs .

 1 bottle of essential oil .

 4 PERFECTOUCH® hot cup .

 4 facial gauze .

 4 Facial cream

4 beauty Ampoules








-One time a week  for one month


-Then maintenance twice month



Products use for the treatment



Dry skin : Essential Oil : Sandlewood , Lemon, Lavender, Vervain , Rosemary , Pine ,Geranium , Thyme .+ Plants & Herbs : Comfrey leaf ,Marshmallow Root + Peel off Mask :Aloe Vera super Hydrating + Ampoule :Mallow + Facial cream :green tea cream


Sensitive Skin : Essential Oil : Lavender. .+ Plants & Herbs : Oatmeal , Chamomile Egyptian + Peel off Mask :Sensitive  + Ampoule :Azulen+ Facial cream :Azulen


Oily Skin : : Essential Oil :Tea Tree, Lemongrass , .+ Plants & Herbs : Calendula ,Basil Egyptian  + Peel off Mask :Exfoliating Papaya + Ampoule :Calendula + Facial cream :green tea cream


Mature Skin : : Essential Oil : Patchouli , Tea tree , .+ Plants & Herbs : Dill ,Green Tea ,Licorice Powder+ Peel off Mask :Lifting Ginseng + Ampoule :Collagen + Facial cream :green tea cream



Application:Start the treatment by applying ½ of the ampoule then a thick layer of skin care cream over the face , Dampen two cotton pads with Soothing Eye Lotion and set them on eyelids, Set a gauze (3 layers)  to cover the face and mould it to fit the facial contours, Empty the hot Infusion Facial mask powder into the PERFECTOUCH® hot cup and place it in any coffee mug and place in microwave for 1min 09 Maximum  Mix with spatula , then add the active ingredient to the hot infusion mask (herbs& Essential oils)mix well then apply the mask on top of the gauze .Leave on for at least 15 minutes after removal apply the other ½ ampoule ,then day cream and contain with the peel off mask .



Hot Infusion Facial masks HIFM® .

INGREDIENTS:  Hydrogenated Sunflower Seed Oil, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch Sea collagen powder, Diatomaceous Earth, solum diatomeae, Agar,Silica 

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