Interface ® The Cellular Electroaesthics

Interface ® The Cellular Electroaesthics
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Model: Interface ® The Cellular Electroaesthics Lifting Machine
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Interface ®




  Cellular electro-aesthetic   



Lifting Machine






Applying the ”GENIUS” of BIOlogy to professional aesthetitics.


For us, this word is not only a marketing synonym. Beauty care defines an exceptional experience

during which men or women feel in harmony with their bodies, their well-being ; a holistic approach to psychological and sensorial cosmetic beauty.


A fusion of three individual techniques unique to Biogenie :

Cellular electro aesthetic®: It is essential to consider the electrical activity of human body cells, given that the body is a solution of electrolytes, incorporating both intracellular and

extracellular fluids.


Sensorial cosmetology® : Our products offer more than just proven results ; they nourish the skin with what it needs and when it is needed. We manage this treatment through “chronocosmetologie” which involves a controlled release of nourishing active ingredients.

This is a leading cosmetic treatment, using pioneering state of the art technology, providing overall harmony ; an interactive cosmetic treatment encompassing sensorial pleasure, “live”communication between the body and its needs.

Controlled release of active ingredients.

Lymphoponctural drainage® : This is the perfect « marriage » between lymphatic drainage and Japanese digitopressure which provides overall well-being by improving lymphatic circu-lation to assist in the elimination of toxins.

Cellular electro-aesthetic


What is the cellular electro-aesthetic ? :

Way : We use a device specially conceived to return the most successful possible facial skincare.

This method revitalizes the chemistry (cosmetics), the mechanics (manual techniques) and the physics (electric currents of re-information).

Speciality of the currents

-currents used are the same currents we can find into our organism. It acts in perfect

osmosis with the skin.

-It acts in synergy with the Biogénie treatments to obtain good results.

-contrary of all other currents, the skin is getting colder of 3 to 5°C.

Through what facial skincares can we find cellular electro-aesthetic?

The cellular electro-aesthetic is the mainstay of Biogénie aesthetic cares.

We use the Biogénie face device through all face cares of Biogénie.

When do we use the face machine ?

The device is used during two phases : detoxication phase and tonification phase :

-Detoxication; deep cleansing of the skin :

Currents are « athermic » and sinusoidal. They respect the cycle of cells. Currents will be absorbed through the epidermis and will « surf » at the level of the lower part of the dermo-epidermic junction, and then it will get loaded with cells wastes.

Effects :

-Better receptivity of the skin to treatment

-Optimised assimilation of active ingredients

-Restore elasticity of the skin

-A complexion full of brightness

-Improve the micro blood circulation

-Tonification; dynamic remodelling of the skin :

Specific wave with the integration of a relaxing current. Same intensities as those used by our cells to communicate enable us to reposition the cells together for a deep remodelling which will last for long, especially if treatments are frequent.

The more regular cares are, the more optimized results will be.

Effects :

-Repositions the cells like a magnet does

-loads with magnetic energy, durable in time.

-Fights the physical causes of ageing

-A face without any trace of fatigue.

Sensorial cosmetology

Purer, more precise substances and therefore, more active


The originality of Biogénie :

-Biogénie use the « cellular communication », a sensorial and unique pleasure allowing to help the skin to re-create alone its integrity

-Products created to act in osmosis with the device for the face and with the cuta-neous tissue.

-Products concentrated in active cosmetic substances that will stimulate cellular ex-changes

-Active principles are liberated only when the skin needs them.

Substances chosen by Biogénie :

-Vegetable substances to stimulate principal constituents of dermis

-Vitamins because of their action on metabolism of the skin

-Active principals which acts in synergy with natural enzymes of the skin in order to speed up the chemical process of the dermis

-A balance between efficiency and smoothness : acids only act on dead cells and do not touch the cells in good condition

-Substances able to reproduce the lipids, amino-acids and proteins initially present into the skin, in order to make up the losses of the epidermis

-Impressive, natural, pure and innovative actives: with high concentration, created by and for professional people.


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