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 Dynalift Anti-Ageing Day Cream




The skin is a receptor for male and female hormone. By transforming this steroids, skin has endocrine functions. Oestrogen’s and progesterone have a lot of functions at several cutaneaous levels as epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, extracellular matrix and more especially on the collagen and elastin fibers.During ageing, the elastic network breaks down and there is a densification of fibers. The nature of Collagen is modified. The content in macromolecules rich in glucids decreases with age that it implies a loss of dermic hydration.The decrease in progesterone content imply a cutaneous thinning .

Thin dermis and epidermis of the skin can be restored by hormonal treatment. It has been shown that collagen rate as well as the elastic fibers can be increased by homonal treatment. More particulary, it has been shown that collagen synthesis is stimulated by oestrogens. The content in collagen depends on the synsthesis and oestradiol degradation that is controlled by progesterone are used to balance oestrogen content.

Supply of hormons as oetrogen and progesterone should be benefit for delaying ageing.

Because of its analogical structure with hormone and more particularly progesterone, and of its steroid structure, Diosgenin from Wild Yam should act on the skin by an activity on the hormonal receptors . Diosgenin present in Wild Yam implies that this ingredient can be used for skin recover its elasticity, limit the cutaneous ageing and helps the skin to preserve its tonicity. Furthermore, Wild Yam has signifiant antioxydant activity. This effect will contribute to limit ageing process : the skin drying is less important, wrinkles preserve a better sight. Wild Yam helps the epidermis keep a younger aspect .

The vegetal peptides will act deep within the cells to maintain their moisture balance and stimulate cellular metabolism. Finally Evening Primrose Oil will repair and regenerate epidermal tissue while Shea Butter nourishes and provides protection. The Grape seeds extract will reinforce the anti-aging action of this intensive treatment.

Thanks to its repairing and regenerating properties,this creamy and light cream gives back suppleness, firmness, vitality and silky smoothness, to the mature dry skin.

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Dynalift Anti-Ageing Day Cream (HORMONE CREAM DHEA)
Dynalift Anti-Ageing Day Cream (HORMONE CREAM DHEA)