Over 81 years serving the Beauty Salon , Spa and Doctors At the heart of the PAB  skin care programs are the Intensive Treatments. Each cutting-edge, professional-only treatment utilizes the latest bio-technology to offer cosmeceutical-grade solutions second to none.


Radiant beauty is what emanates from a fit and healthy body. Our programmers not only work towards enhancing your beauty momentarily, but aim to equip you with wellness for life.


Furthermore, clinical tests guarantee their effectiveness, results and customer satisfaction.  Each is designed to correct the signs of aging and transform the way skin should look and react, without invasive methods or down-time. Erase skin imperfections by changing the way your skin visibly ages.  Visit our professional Spa Treatment link to find out which superior performance treatment is most recommended for the specific needs of your client skin.

Indulge in safe pampering with PAB Skincare - found in fine spas across the world. 




We offer personalized, solution oriented for all kind of skin and treatment ,Face , Bust & Body . Our wellness treatments range from specialized programmers to tackle acne, hyper pigmentation, ageing, and more ……..